GFC Therapy- New age Solution to Skin & Hair Treatment
Dr. B. Durga Kalyani-September 20, 2022

What is GFC therapy? Now, this is a term that has been doing the rounds in the world of Skin and Hair treatment for a few years. While you may have come across it a number of times, you probably did not know it is a perfect treatment option for you! GFC stands for Growth […]

GFC an Effective Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss can be attributed to a variety of reasons. It could be due to lack of nutrients, weather conditions, after -effects of medications or therapy, wrong hair care techniques, genetic conditions or due to hormonal imbalance. Modern trichology treatments can help overcome most of these conditions and help in hair regrowth or regeneration. One […]

Beating Hair Fall with Monsoon Care
Dr. B. Durga Kalyani-August 1, 2022

There are various reasons why you can experience hair fall throughout the year. But you will probably see an increase during the monsoon season. But the rain is always much better appreciated than the scorching summer heat. But hair fall – how do you stop that? You cannot probably stop that but you can take […]

Scalp micro-pigmentation - an Instant Solution to Thin Hair

Songs, poems, and movies have always romanticized luscious hair. And rightly so it is no exaggeration as a full head of hair enhances the beauty of the face. Hair is also an integral part of one’s image whether it is a man or a woman. Consequently, baldness or even a receding hairline can cause a […]

Covid Hair Fall Issue

There are so many people who have experienced heavy hair fall after their recovery from the deadly COVID-19. Covid hair loss female and male have become a common effect. According to experts and different studies, it has been seen that patients who have recovered from Covid-19 have got hair fall one of the most frequently […]