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Best Skin Lightening Treatment In Keha Skin & Hair Clinic

A bright and light skin complexion is what many women and men wish to achieve. However, many factors in our surroundings can damage our skin and make it appear darker or with blemishes such as sunspots. The darker skin tone developed also looks dull and damaged. To reverse your skin to its former state, a proven solution is required. Your hunt for an effective solution for skin lightening ends here, with us.

Causes for Darker Skin

Genetic Causes

Some people are born with darker skin. The skin’s melanin clusters are clumped together closely than evenly, leading to the appearance of freckles on the face. This type of skin is very sensitive to UV rays and tends to suffer from sunburn and skin cancer. There is also mole-prone skin, where dark clumps of pigmentation are found.

Sun Exposure

It is one of the biggest causes of skin darkening as sunlight is the primary trigger for the production of melanin, which acts as the skin’s natural sunscreen. The results may not be visible till we get older, appearing as age spots on our face, hands, and other areas. If corrective steps are not taken, these can become both darker and permanent.

Hormonal Issues

Hormonal influence is the main cause of melasma. It is common in women and occurs when their hormones cause overproduction of melanin when exposes to the sun.
This can also be a side effect of some hormonal treatments like the growth hormone.


People battling some skin conditions or using some medication can develop chronically-inflamed skin which leads to post-inflammatory pigmentation. Other causes include physical injury, scratches, burns, squeezed pimples, prolonged wearing of a cap that scratches the forehead, and more.

For Skin Lightening

Hyderabad’s rising popularity and its evolution as a hub of IT has paved the way for traffic issues, rising pollution levels, and air dust density. These issues, in addition to the physical and mental stress and excess usage of cosmetics, have led to the darkening of skin color among the people residing here.

Keha’s advanced skin lightening solution termed as ‘Laser Toning’ uses Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser to lighten your skin tone. This is a one-stop solution that will also remove suntan, marks caused by pimples, sunspots, and other blemishes.

We use Laser Toning to reduce pigmentation which is caused due to excess melanin. It is a non-ablative type of laser, which means the affected skin can be treated without damaging the upper layers of the skin. It results in a lighter, glowing and even-toned skin.

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