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Effective Pimple Treatment In Keha Skin & Hair Clinic

Call them pimples, acne, zits, breakouts or whatever you want to, these pesky spots on your skin are something that nobody desires to encounter. Treating them appropriately and promptly is essential for you to maintain the health of your skin and to also keep it free from blemishes and scars.

What Is A Pimple?

Every person faces the issues of pimples at least once in their lifetime, be it men or women. It is one of those skin conditions which occurs without your initiation, and it hampers your self-confidence and look. Anxiety and embarrassment go hand in hand with pimples. They show no sympathy to your body and can appear anywhere, however, these are the most prominent locations they pop up at –

Pimples appearing on these parts of the body can be very unappealing. Therefore, it becomes very important to get them treated.

While pimples usually make their appearance between 13-17 years, there are adults too who complain of the same skin concern. They have become a common occurrence with many adults suffering from even as late as in their 40s. While the very thought of having a pimple on your face can be devastating, it doesn’t mean you have no solution. A proper treatment regime and appropriate skincare to maintain the results can help you reverse the condition and get your skin back to normality.

Pimples are formed because of excess oil production in the skin and build-up of dead skin cells clogging the pores or openings of the hair follicles. Bacteria infect such pores easily. Excess production of androgens (a type of hormone) can also cause pimples as it triggers the oil glands to produce more sebum (natural oil) in the skin.

Other factors that can trigger acne and worsen existing acne include –

  1. Stress
  2. Hormonal changes
  3. Pollution
  4. Certain medications like drugs containing corticosteroids
  5. Unhealthy diet
  6. Cosmetics

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