Laser Treatment For Pigmentation In Keha Skin & Hair Clinic

Having healthy and blemish free skin brings a lot of aesthetic appeal to your persona, and you would feel quite confident from within. However, there are times when your skin is not in its best of condition and develops pigmentation due to high exposure to sunlight, stress, and other reasons.

About Skin Pigmentation

Sun exposure results in increased melanin production in exposed areas causing a darkening effect on the skin tone. Also, your daily life activities require you to go out and get exposed to various external factors which can definitely affect your skin. All of these work towards an abnormal change in the skin color leading to a skin pigmentation disorder.

Types of  Skin Pigmentation

  1. An increase in the pigmentation causing dark patches or spots is known as Hyperpigmentation.
  2. A decrease in pigmentation in the affected area is known as Hypopigmentation.

Skin pigmentation treatment offered at Keha Skin & Hair Clinic at Srinagar Colony,  Hyderabad is at an unparalleled level that aims at achieving the best results for each client. We offer the following therapies and treatment for pigmentation for face as well the body –

  1. Chemical Peels – Used to treat tan, age spots, mild melasma, dark spots due to acne, dark circles, and pigmentation around the eyes, mouth, and also on various body areas. This treatment uses peels made of concentrations of salicylic acid or trichloroacetic acid. The solution is applied to the skin which helps in gaining an even-toned skin. The peel removes a few layers of pigmented skin revealing the fresher skin inside which has a surface color similar to the other areas.
  2. Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser Treatment – Also known as Laser Toning, this is the best pigmentation treatment available at Keha. It is used to lighten melasma, freckles, age spots, tan, and also some deep pigmentation. The procedure uses the Nd:YAG laser to emit low energy, which causes a decrease in the melanin levels of the skin, thus correcting the pigmentation issues. The treatment aids in improving the appearance of the skin and provides instant brightness to areas like face, hands, legs, and shoulders.

Along with these treatments, the dermatologists may also prescribe you suitable creams and lotions to aid in the skin lightening process.

The above-mentioned skin pigmentation treatments show great results on different body parts, such as –

  1. Face pigmentation
  2. Neck pigmentation or dark neck
  3. Dark legs or pigmentation spots on the leg
  4. Hand pigmentation in the form of spots or overall dark hands
  5. Darks spots on shoulders and upper back due to acne

The before and after results are evident from the first session itself. The skin will appear lighter than before and with lightened spots, patches or freckles. It is best to opt for laser treatment for pigmentation when the hyperpigmentation is adamant.

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