Beating Hair Fall with Monsoon Care

Beating Hair Fall with Monsoon Care

There are various reasons why you can experience hair fall throughout the year. But you will probably see an increase during the monsoon season. But the rain is always much better appreciated than the scorching summer heat. But hair fall – how do you stop that? You cannot probably stop that but you can take better care of your hair to lessen the fall.

So how do you take care of your hair in the monsoons? Now that is a season you cannot avoid. And it’s not just about the humidity, you cannot really avoid getting wet in the rain sometimes. Hair strands tend to absorb moisture from the air a little bit more as the humidity increases with the rainy season. This makes the hair go frizzy and often challenging to manage.

Again, your scalp gets greasy pretty frequently during the rainy season. To counter these issues frequent washes and combing often leave the hair more damaged and increase the hair fall that you experience. 

Effective Ways to Reduce Hair Fall in the Rainy Season

But your hair is your crowning glory! You got to take care of it as per the seasonal variations. Here are some simple ways to keep your hair healthy and fall-free even in the wet and humid Indian monsoons:

First and foremost eat well!. Nutrients are a must for healthy hair. The rainy season often comes with its health maladies like cold, cough, stomach issues, and more. This may lead to you eating a limited amount and food type resulting in nutrient deficiency. Make sure you are eating a well-balanced diet and taking supplements when needed.

Avoid using oil on your scalp frequently. Even if you do use oil, wash it off after an hour or 30 mins later. Use an antifungal shampoo that will counter any infection on your hair roots. Keep your hair dry, but avoid using excessive hair dryers.

If you were to get wet in the rain at any point, make sure that you do not just dry off. Rainwater often contains acids and other contaminants that can harm your hair follicles. Wash off with a mild shampoo and dry up.

These are simple yet effective ways of keeping excessive hair fall at bay during the rainy season. But if you are still facing hair fall issues, then visit our experienced Trichologists at Keha. We are known for our prompt and effective treatments. 

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