Vampire Facial: Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Vampire Facial: Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

The name Vampire Facial probably sounds rather bloody! Well the truth is it does involve the use of blood and hence the name. Additionally the entertainment industry has established the fact that Vampires don’t age at all. They remain young forever. Well, we are not promising forever but it does have amazing effects on the skin that you are sure to love. Read on to know more about this intriguing Facial procedure.

Vampire facial, also known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, is a cosmetic procedure that uses the patient’s own blood for treatment. Due to its effectiveness it has gained immense popularity over the recent years.

This innovative treatment involves drawing a small amount of the patient’s blood and then using it to create a concentrated plasma solution that is rich in platelets and growth factors. This solution is then applied to the face using microneedling technique delivering it to the right areas with absolute accuracy.

Over the years, there have been several advancements in vampire facial technology. It has been incorporated with the latest technology making it safer and much more effective. At Keha we provide the best Vampire Facial procedure that is equipped with the latest technology.

Automated PRP systems: Automated PRP systems help to create the concentrated plasma solution used in vampire facials. These systems ensure that the PRP is of a consistent quality ensuring higher effectiveness.

Combination therapy:

Combining PRP therapy with other cosmetic treatments, such as microneedling or radiofrequency treatments ensures there a greater impact on the overall condition of your skin. This combination therapy can help enhance the effects of PRP and provide more comprehensive results at a much faster rate.

Why should you opt for Vampire Facial?

Vampire facial is perfect for people with all skin types. You do not really have to worry about any reverse reaction as it is your own blood. Here are some of visible benefits of the therapy:

  • Improved skin texture: Vampire facials can help improve the overall texture of the skin by stimulating collagen production. It helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles giving you a younger and brighter looking skin.
  • Reduced hyperpigmentation: PRP therapy helps in reducing hyperpigmentation, such as age spots or sun spots and giving you a clearer skin tone.
  • Enhanced skin hydration: The growth factors present in the PRP helps in improving skin hydration by enhancing moisture retention giving you that soft and supple skin that you love.
  • Faster healing: PRP is a minimal risk procedure with a fast healing time. While you do need to be mindful about sun and makeup exposure post procedure it does come with very laid back downtime.


Vampire facials, or PRP therapy, offer a range of potential benefits for those seeking to improve their skin health. While PRP is a procedure suitable for all we often do not recommend it to individuals with blood disorders to avoid any unnecessary risks. It is fast, effective and has a lasting result making it one of the most popular treatments. At Keha Skin & Hair Clinic we offer the best service in consultation and treatment using this innovative procedure. If you are interested in knowing more about the treatment and how suitable it is for you contact us at 9390512365 or visit us at

Carbon Laser peel uses laser technology to target the deep layers of the skin along with the miraculous power of Carbon. The treatment involves the use of liquid carbon that is applied as a thin layer to the skin. This carbon layer is then heated using high power laser beams. As the carbon layer vaporizes it takes with it dead skin cells and impurities from the pores, leaving behind a smoother, brighter and younger looking skin.

Advantages of using Carbon Laser Peel

There are numerous advantages of opting for Carbon Laser Peel. 

  • One of the foremost reasons is that it is very quick and a painless procedure with minimal downtime.
  • Carbon Laser Peel can help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles as it removes the dead skin cells from the surface.
  • It helps in reducing acne scars and age spots that are so common amongst both men and women.
  • It gives an even skin tone making the pores smaller and helping the skin breathe better by clearing the pores.
  • When performed by a well experienced cosmetologist, Carbon laser Peel can help rejuvenate your skin in multiple ways.
Carbon Laser Peel at Keha

At Keha Skin & Hair Clinic we believe that every person’s skin texture is unique and needs specialized care to achieve the perfect skin tone. Hence we let you consult deeply with our dermatologists and cosmetologists first to ensure that you are getting the right treatment. 

Your skin will be assessed to determine the number of sessions you would require to get optimal results. Once this is ascertained you can go ahead with the treatment plan to get that smooth and flawless skin that you always admired and wanted to be yours.

To know more about carbon laser peel or to book an appointment, call us @ ☎+91-9390512365 or visit us

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