FUE procedure: The best hair transplantation treatment in Hyderabad


Procedure for FUE Hair Transplant Treatment:

1- In person consultation

2- Setting up a treatment plan

3- Start treatment

FUE Hair replacement at Keha skin & hair aesthetic clinic in Hyderabad:

At Keha, we have experienced FUE hair transplant surgeons with a proven success rate of 1000+ graft procedures and up-to-date knowledge of hair restoration techniques.

–            Highest quality products

FDA approved state-of-the-art facilities & equipment’s, hygiene environment & products of top brands without compromising your top quality personalised hair care

We offer transparent pricing and clear explanations of the procedure, including risks, recovery, and expected results. We are 100% patient comfort oriented.

What is the FUE Hair Transplant Price in Hyderabad?

Superb Summer Saving’s are here at Keha!

Treatment Pricing(Summer Offer)*
FUE Hair transplantationRs.64999/-

Some effective results produced by Keha:

(Before & after pictures)


How effective are FUE Hair Transplant results?

It is impressive, often leading to significant improvements in hair density and coverage. Most individuals observe visible enhancements within a few months post-procedure. With proper maintenance and adherence to post-operative instructions, FUE results are long-lasting and blend seamlessly with natural hair. The benefits of getting treatment at Keha:

– No waiting for longer periods

– High success Rate

– Safe & Painless

– In guidance of dermal expert Dr.Duraga Kalyani

Book an appointment today at https://kehaskinclinic.com/  & your hair loss can get better at an affordable price!

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