Busting myths about early intervention of GFC treatment for hair loss

Martin Luther once said, “Hair is the richest ornament of a person.” Now, in a world where appearance often shapes perceptions and self-confidence, the significance of healthy, luscious locks cannot be overstated. Yet, the journey to maintaining vibrant hair can sometimes be fraught with challenges, particularly when faced with the prospect of hair loss. Hair loss can be a distressing experience & addressing this issue requires timely intervention. However, the topic of early intervention in treating hair loss often breeds myths and misconceptions. In this blog, we are going to dispel myths surrounding Growth Factor Therapy (GFC), an important hair loss reversal treatment.

Myth #1 GFC hair treatments are only effective in advanced stages.

No, it’s far from the truth, and the main aim of doctors promoting GFC treatment for hair loss is to bust this myth. When consulted and discussed earlier, the therapy can help prevent you from reaching advanced baldness. The treatment addresses the hair fall issue in the initial stage, halts the receding hair line, and promotes regrowth. Also, it’s suitable for all age groups and all genders. So whenever you notice bald patches or thinning hair, see a dermatologist for personalised treatment recommendations.

Myth #2 GFC treatment is unsafe & has side effects

This misconception is not only unfounded but also preposterous. Firstly, this treatment has natural growth factors, minimal discomfort thus ensuring its high safety profile. Additionally, the growth factors utilized are derived from the patient’s blood, eliminating any risk of side effects. Third, we at Keha have FDA-approved facilities, equipment & branded products that are regularly sterilized. GFC therapy for hair loss, is a medical procedure with zero side effects. Advancements in treatment options have resulted in safer and more targeted approaches, lowering associated risks. Consulting our expert dermatologist https://kehaskinclinic.com/dermatologist-hyderabad/  will help you understand the risks and benefits of informed decisions.

Myth #3 PRP & GFC are the same

While they share similarities, they are not interchangeable treatments. PRP treatment  is plasma with lots of platelets that release growth factors for hair regrowth. In Growth factor concentrate treatment, plasma is separated from the patient’s blood in growth factor enriched tubes. The procedure is a cellular and painless.

Myth #4 Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy is expensive and not worth the investment

The procedure may require a financial commitment but it depends on the number of sessions and the cost of not addressing hair loss can be far greater. Advancements in minimising the treatment time have made it more accessible and affordable than ever before. At Keha we are offering viable deals for individuals battling hair fall. Avail of our groundbreaking GFC treatment for men & women at an incredible 50% off! Get 6 Sessions ₹60,000 now at ₹30,000 only/- It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a limited period. (*T&C apply)

Myth #5 No preparations & consultation are required before & after GFC treatment

Both pre-treatment preparations and post-treatment consultations are crucial for the success of Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) therapy.

Before the procedure, consultations with a dermatologist are essential to assess individual suitability, discuss expectations, and address any concerns. Additionally, pre-treatment preparations may include medical evaluations like scalp assessment, blood test & other specific instructions to optimize the outcome and minimize risks.

After the GFC treatment, follow-up consultations are necessary to monitor progress, address any side effects, and adjust the treatment plan if needed. These consultations ensure that the patient’s recovery is progressing as expected and allow for any necessary modifications to be made for optimal results.


To treat hair loss it is essential to diagnose and assess the exact cause behind it, early intervention of treatments like GFC is very crucial. And such misconceptions delay the diagnosis of the root problem. Therefore, for your hair’s health sake, don’t wait! The success of your treatment largely depends on the expertise of your doctor. With over 1000+ graft procedures administered, Dr. B. Durga Kalyani https://kehaskinclinic.com/dermatologist-hyderabad/ & her team can ensure optimal results with minimal risks. Schedule an appointment for Keha’s GFC therapy in Hyderabad with her by clicking the link provided https://kehaskinclinic.com/appointment/

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