How we are the frontiers for your dermal needs

In the age where beauty reigns supreme, dermal treatments aren’t just for surface glow.

Skin and hair treatment solutions must go beyond the surface playing a fundamental role in maintaining the overall health of tresses and skin. For all this, it requires more than just advanced technologies and experts. And here is where our philosophy and core of care come in to differentiate us from the rest.

100% personalized care that is for you. No one else.

Taking charge of your dermal well-being, we suit every treatment and experience based on your unique history, behaviors, and preferences. Right treatments+Personalised = excellent satisfaction, only at Keha.

We focus your dermal health over dermal care

Unlike conventional care, we embody a holistic commitment to the long-term well-being of your skin and hair. We prioritize addressing root causes and seamlessly integrate them with our treatments which you can find on our website . Our efficient care solutions are proactive, adaptable, and empowering to celebrate natural beauty, boost confidence, and recognize the mind-body connection in dermal wellness.

Our expert’s inside-out’look

In a world where hair and skin treatments can sometimes feel impersonal, our experts stand as the antidote. They are the reason why every consultation at Keha is more than just a session. Our medical director B. Durga Kalyani and team, delve beyond the visible symptoms, unraveling the complexities of individual types and conditions. This deep understanding allows them to craft personalized solutions that go beyond mere skin and hair care giving an outlook of nurtured dermal health. The success of our approach is reflected in happy customer reviews, highlighting our dedication to nurturing and fostering their skin and hair care. Choose Keha for a journey that transcends surface glow, embracing a perspective that empowers and enhances your well-being from within with our skin and hair treatment services, today!

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