Permanent Makeup for the modern woman

Permanent makeup solution for the modern woman

The modern woman of today is a pan-handling, office-going, child-rearing wonder woman. She does all this while looking her best in her carefully applied makeup. While every woman loves the result of makeup, the essential time it occupies in the daily routine is always an issue. If only there was a solution to save that time. Well, permanent makeup is the answer to all that and more.

Permanent makeup will give you full brows, a flawless-looking face, and the highly coveted sharp eyes day in, day out with absolutely zero effort. Permanent makeup lasts years and busy women can save tons of make-up time with just one procedure and still look stunning all the time. In recent times it has been the choice of many celebrities as well.

How does it work?

Permanent makeup is done through a cosmetic technique that works on micro-pigmentation of target areas on the face. The procedure entails the placement of pigmented granules just beneath the upper layers of the skin.

How permanent is permanent makeup?

While permanent makeup cannot be removed naturally, it usually fades after an average of 3-5 years after which a touch-up may be required.

Is it painful?

While the procedure is generally painless, it also depends on factors like your pain threshold, the practitioner’s skill, the numbing agent used, etc.


Since the body has several sensitive areas, the ink type or ink color used in permanent makeup may cause severe allergic reactions in rare cases. It is highly recommended that the procedure is performed by a cosmetologist. At Keha we take utmost care to ensure that every step of the procedure is carefully done under the supervision of the best dermatologists and cosmetologists. After all, when it comes to applying permanent makeup, especially on the face you put forward each day, you want to make sure you are in the best hands.

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