Pumpkin Peel for a Radiant you

Pumpkin Peel Treatment

Special occasion needs special preparations. Some occasions call for the best of the appearances so that you shine out in the midst of the decked up crowd. People go to great lengths to get the right attire and accessories to rock the occasion. But you don’t want your attire to just get the attention of the people.

A healthy and glowing skin is the best makeup that you can have to glam up for the special event. Well we are not suggesting that you go without make up entirely. But having wonderful skin can help you get the natural glow that will make you stand out in a crowd of made up beauties.

Keha Skin care for glowing skin

Keha skincare clinic gives you access to a world of skin treatments that can help you preserve your natural glow. In fact it can help to bring the healthy and radiant you to the surface. Our skin treatment routine can ensure that you will need the least bit of makeup to be the beautiful you. After all there is nothing more eye-catching than natural beauty.

Needless to say that when you require minimal makeup to shine out to look perfect, it adds to your confidence and adds to your personality as well. So this season stop applying the layers of makeup the hide the real you or stop fretting on your listless skin. Walk in to Keha to give yourself the tender care that you deserve to be the radiant self you are.

Goodness of Nature with Pumpkin Peel treatment

We bring to you the magic of nature with our Pumpkin peel that helps to remove the layer of dead skin hiding your healthy skin. With a wonderful concoction of chemical free treatment we help you to rediscover the soft and flawless skin that you always had.

The pumpkin peel skin treatment is an amazing way to get an instant result to get the radiant you for an upcoming event. But of course we suggest that you take care of your skin on a regular basis and not just before a social appearance. Our peel works to clear up the clogged pores, remove the layer of dead skin cells and help you to remove the blemishes that mar your beauty.

Get healthy glowing skin in minutes

Transform your dry skin type to a supple and healthy tone that defines the true you. It is said that age is just a number. And we can prove it to you. With healthy and glowing skin you can be the pretty you at any age. The natural goodness of pumpkin helps to rejuvenate your skin and rehydrate it to bring the perfect you. Pumpkin is naturally rich in vitamins A, which is an essential vitamin for healthy skin. It also contains potassium and zinc that helps to revitalize the skin.

Pumpkin peel treatment is the perfect choice for those with hyperpigmentation, deep tan due to regular sun exposure, dry and scaly skin, acne and dark circles. A single session may sometimes be enough to bring out the healthy you or sometimes you may need to consult with our skin specialist to understand the damage you have had and how many sessions would help to bring back your healthy skin.

Advantages of Pumpkin Peel Treatment

This skin treatment has a number of benefits over other peels or skin treatments.

·        It is made of natural ingredients

·        No use of laser or other skin damaging agents

·        It can be used as a regular skin care treatment

·        It does not have any side effects

·        It is not time consuming

·        It is helpful for all skin types

·        It shows immediate results

·        No post treatment downtime

·        Can back to normal day to day life unlike other peel treatments

The procedure is short and involves minimal steps that shorten your visit to the clinic. The gentle massages help to sooth the stress and exfoliate with care. The tender care that you receive at Keha is sure to help you wash off the stress and burn off of your hectic schedule as is so normal in today’s life.

7 intensive steps in Pumpkin peel

It starts off with the intensive cleansing and toning procedure to clear the skin of the grease, dirt and grime that can be clogged in the pores of your skin. It is followed by a gentle massaging session to help increase the circulation and ease the stress away from your facial muscles.

After this a rejuvenating mask is applied followed by our signature Pumpkin cream mask application. The treatment session involves anti acne therapy that helps you rid of those stubborn sprouts and marks on your face. With the added advantage of skin tightening treatment the session is a perfect match to get an all-round treatment to enhance your natural skin health.

When you are getting ready for a special occasion then we suggest that you give yourself the advantage of a natural peel that will perfectly match with your skin type. Rediscover the youthful you and don’t hide behind the excuse of a busy life. You know you deserve the loving care and time! Contact us today or visit our website to book an appointment to bring that refreshing start to your skin care.

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