Laser Hair Removal- Be the Fab You, always!

Now beauty has evoloved to have its own standards. While make up can help you enhance your features. There are certain factors that you would rather do away with. Like body hair.  Body hair though serves its own natural purpose its removal does not really hamper the bodily functions. Body Hair removal has always been […]

Skin rejuvenation
Dr. B. Durga Kalyani-June 1, 2022

Our skin goes through a lot of changes with age, life-style and of course the exposure to various kinds of environmental factors. It is no wonder that you will probably start seeing fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone and so many other issues with your exposed skin surface. These factors can deplete the […]

skin tags
Dr. B. Durga Kalyani-February 1, 2022

What is a skin tag? Skin tags or Acrochordon are harmless tufts of skin that appear as outgrowths. These tags are often of the same color as your skin and appear to be extending out as a tiny bag of skin from a stem. They can appear anywhere on the surface of the skin. It […]

Monsoon Skin Issues

Romantic drives, cozy evenings with loved ones and green landscapes are the real charms of monsoon.  But, you need to avoid the cool raindrops that can make your skin dull. You might be aware what happens to skin in monsoon. The weather can take a toll on your skin and hair. Necessity to focus on […]