Be Free From Skin Tags That Bother You

skin tags

What is a skin tag?

Skin tags or Acrochordon are harmless tufts of skin that appear as outgrowths. These tags are often of the same color as your skin and appear to be extending out as a tiny bag of skin from a stem. They can appear anywhere on the surface of the skin. It is not clearly known why these tags are formed. It has been suggested that they may be formed when a cluster of blood vessels and collagen become trapped inside a thick piece of skin. However they do mostly occur in places where the skin is rubbing against skin or in areas that are exposed to jewelry.

Do I need medical attention if I get skin tags?

Skin tags are not dangerous and do not necessarily require medical attention. But it may interfere with your normal life if it is getting caught in your clothes, or jewelry. In case it is located on the face then it may seem unsightly and make you conscious of your appearance. Doctors suggest removal of Skin tags only when it poses a regular discomfort, is inflamed or poses a cosmetic problem.

What are the various procedures to remove Skin tags?

There are various methods by which you can remove the skin tags. While there are many so-called home remedies to remove skin tags it is best done under proper medical supervision. There are various over the counter topical creams that assure the complete removal of skin tags. However, many of these crèmes and solutions use an acidic base that can cause more harm than help.

If a skin tag is troubling you and you want to have it removed then please visit a dermatological care center to ensure you get the right guidance. Keha specializes in skin tag removal and is known for its effective and painless procedures that always deliver results.

The various methods that Keha uses for Skin tag removal are:

Radiofrequency is a painless and safe procedure that Keha Specializes in treating Skin Tags. It uses high frequency radio waves to help in the removal of the tags permanently in a quick way. The precision treatment helps in reducing the risk of scars or of pain making it the most effective method to keep the skin clear of such outgrowths. Dr Durga Kalyani at Keha has performed numerous such removals with 100% success rate.

There are other methods too that are opted for; like Cryotherapy is another effective procedure used for tag removals. It utilizes liquid nitrogen that is stored in sub-zero temperature to kill the cells in the tag to stop further growth and drop off from the skin surface. Popular treatments include Laser techniques too which is yet again a high precision procedure that is fast and quick with least damage to the skin surface.

If you are suffering from Skin tags and wish to have it removed then opt for the method that involves the least risk you are most comfortable with. Don’t compromise and learn to live with the Skin Tags, if they are bothering you then do talk to our experts at Keha Skin & Hair Clinic.

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