Monsoon Onset Can’t Be Prevented but, Monsoon Skin Issues Can Be

Monsoon Skin Issues

Romantic drives, cozy evenings with loved ones and green landscapes are the real charms of monsoon.  But, you need to avoid the cool raindrops that can make your skin dull. You might be aware what happens to skin in monsoon. The weather can take a toll on your skin and hair.

Necessity to focus on Skincare in the rainy reason

In rainy season, the perspiration rate of the body becomes less. It results in skin infections, dead skin cells, hyper-pigmentation, and blocked pores. The humidity that occurs during monsoons results in monsoon skin allergy making the skin itchy, dry and flaky. Breakouts, acne and blackheads are also common. Thus, this season comes with various types Monsoon Skin Problems.

Monsoon skin care to be done during the rainy season

Face cleansing two to three times a day is vital.

Role of a good anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powder: In monsoonsthe immunity level of the body decreases which makes the skin prone to fungal infections. Having a good anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powder becomes a necessity.

Protection with moisturizer: When you apply a layer of moisturizer on your skin, it retains the moisture of your skin and prevents it from being dry as well as flaky.

Need of sunblock: Using a water-resistant sunblock will prevent the skin from becoming wrinkly and tanned. It retains the moisture and blocks the UV rays.

Toning is important: The function of toner is to cleanse your pores by removing leftover dirt. It also decreases the size of the pore and tightens the skin.

Exfoliate gently: By giving Exfoliation to your skin, you will get rid of dead skin, unclogs the pores. This will also facilitate cell repair and regeneration.

For rejuvenating and de tanning your skin, the monsoons are a great time. If you encounter any skin issue, you must not treat yourself with OTC medicine or any unknown tips. For microdermabrasion, body itching in rainy season treatment and chemical peel treatments you must consult your dermatologist at the best skin care clinic hyderabad. The experienced dermatologist at Keha Skin and Hair care clinic will use the appropriate skin care treatment for your issue.

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