Are you the right candidate for PRP hair therapy? Know Here!

PRP hair treatment

It gets frustrating when you find a clump of hair in your comb. You would have already tried out different hair care products to solve the hair fall problem. However, it is saddening to see that no product gives you the desired result. At the same time, those chemical-based products may pose risk for your hair. However, to get affordable and effective solution, you can choose the latest innovative treatment- PRP. PRP for hair loss is a safe and non-invasive treatment that regrows your hair effectively.

You might have seen PRP hair treatment before and after images on different websites. It is done by professionals who take your blood sample for this therapy. Then, the sample is spun at a very high speed using an equipment known as the centrifuge. It causes separation of platelets from other components of the sample. It helps in obtaining plasma rich with platelets and other growth factors which is used for the treatment process.

However, is PRP the right alternative to treat your hair loss issues?

Try to find the answer to this question-

Are your hair follicles detectable?

Do not delay in making your decision on PRP hair treatment. The treatment is more effective during the initial stages of hair loss. PRP is intended for re-growing hair in fully bald parts. That is why hair follicles need to be easily identifiable in the concerned parts. You should consider meeting the expert while your hair is getting thinner and you have poor hair growth.

Do you have any other health issues?

Your overall health condition should be good for PRP therapy. Professionals use an injection for the therapy. Thus, you must not have bleeding problems. Those who regularly take any blood-thinning medicine must stop taking it temporarily.

Above two are the major factors determining your suitability for the treatment.

However, another general question that haunts a candidate’s mind is:

Will I need this treatment for always?

PRP treatment for hair loss should be taken for a minimum of 4 sessions to a maximum of 8 sessions. This is the optimum frequency to get adequate results irrespective of the severity of your individual case.

You can now easily decide on this therapy for your hair. The PRP hair treatment cost is also reasonable and you can get it done at your convenience and in your budget.

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