Get Rid Of Post Covid Hair Fall Issue With Appropriate Hair Treatment

Covid Hair Fall Issue

There are so many people who have experienced heavy hair fall after their recovery from the deadly COVID-19. Covid hair loss female and male have become a common effect. According to experts and different studies, it has been seen that patients who have recovered from Covid-19 have got hair fall one of the most frequently reported syndromes. People have said that post recovery hair loss has been a significant post-Covid-19 complication for them. Few of the post-Covid-19 complications are rashes, dry eyes, weakness, recurrent skin allergies, and fatigue along with another complication of large volumes of hair loss.

For majority of people, losing hair can be a nightmare. It is a worrisome and emotional situation for many. It is experienced by patients after 30 days of the recovery but, it has been seen during the time of Covid-19 too in few patients. People have been concerned more about How to stop hair fall after COVID.

Reason for Hair fall after COVID treatment

Reason behind this is the interruption of hair follicle growth occurring due to an acute infection like COVID. The infection pushes the hair into the shedding or dead phase. Automatically after a few weeks, the dead hair gets shed off. Few reasons behind the temporary hair loss are stress, deficiencies due to change in dietary habits, anxiety, sudden hormonal changes and persistent post-COVID inflammatory reactions. Search engines have witnessed many searches regarding “how to stop hair fall after covid”.

Tackle hair loss with covid hair loss treatment

Experts advise people not to get embarrassed and handle it on your own as hair loss can affect your self-confidence and self-image. Going for proper hair treatment at a dermatological clinic is rather suggested by the experts. You can reach out to Keha skin and hair care clinic to get your hair fall issue fixed. The dermatologist at Keha will offer hair fall treatment in hyderabad helping you to get your hairs back.  She also advises to have a nutritious diet along with natural edible sources of vitamins and iron after recovering from COVID-19.


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