Scalp micro-pigmentation – an Instant Solution to Thin Hair

Scalp micro-pigmentation - an Instant Solution to Thin Hair

What is GFC therapy?

Now, this is a term that has been doing the rounds in the world of Skin and Hair treatment for a few years. While you may have come across it a number of times, you probably did not know it is a perfect treatment option for you! GFC stands for Growth Factor Concentrate therapy. 

The Growth Factors are extracted from the patient’s own blood and are used to stimulate the growth of new skin cells or hair follicles. GFC therapy has been shown to be highly effective in improving skin and hair quality within a short span of time. All of that by using the body’s own healing and growth factors thereby reducing the possibility of any adverse reaction.

Who is eligible for using GFC?

GFC is suitable for men and women above 18 years suffering with patterned baldness or thinning hair. Multiple sessions may be required for different candidates depending on the intensity of hair loss. For the best results 4-8 sessions at a gap of 45 days each is perfect.

GFC Therapy is also ideal for those seeking skin rejuvenation services. It can help you renew skin texture, Restore Elasticity, reduce wrinkles, repair scarring and even lighten the skin.  

Advantages of opting for GFC

GFC is a new generation therapy that employs the latest technology to give the best results. Considering the fact that the candidate’s own blood is used to extract the Growth factors there is no possibility of any adverse reaction. It is non-invasive, safe and relatively painless without any downtime. 

GFC therapy induces the natural response system in the body allowing the body to regenerate new skin and hair. This means you get a natural youthful look without the use of any artificial factors or external elements.

Where to get the best GFC therapy in Hyderabad?

Keha specializes in GFC Therapy for both Skin and Hair treatment in Hyderabad. We offer the best GFC Therapy solutions that are effective and highly result oriented. To get more information visit us or call us @ +91-9390512365


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