Scalp micro-pigmentation - an Instant Solution to Thin Hair

Scalp micro-pigmentation – an Instant Solution to Thin Hair

Songs, poems, and movies have always romanticized luscious hair. And rightly so it is no exaggeration as a full head of hair enhances the beauty of the face. Hair is also an integral part of one’s image whether it is a man or a woman. Consequently, baldness or even a receding hairline can cause a crushing blow to one’s self-esteem.

Scalp micro-pigmentation or SMP is an instant and permanent non-surgical solution to cover up those hair deficiencies. The procedure can be useful for all forms of hair loss, including hair loss due to cancer. Scalp micro pigmentation is essentially a hair follicle tattoo that you get from a certified and skilled practitioner. It is a painless and minimally-invasive procedure that involves inserting pigment into the scalp using micro-needles. The colored pigment blends in with existing hair to give the appearance of density and lustre. And if you are completely bald, then an SMP can give the impression of a short buzzcut, giving you a refreshing look.


• Quick and painless:

SMP is not only a quick procedure but also relatively painless. The entire procedure is finished in 3 different sessions with different wait periods between each session. All the 3 sessions will be completed in around a month. A typical session lasts for only around 4 hours.

• Maintenance-free:

Because SMP is just a tattoo and does not involve any ‘real hair’ it is relatively maintenance-free. The aftercare treatment is nothing as demanding as the maintenance routines of other procedures.

• Permanent and realistic:

Scalp micro-pigmentation typically lasts 4-6 years before noticeable fading. At this point, you can get a quick touch-up. A skilled practitioner can make the tattoo look amazingly natural by creating a 3-D effect. The result is a beautiful and youthful you.

• Economical and reliable:

SMP is relatively cost-effective than its invasive substitutes and gives expected results instantly.

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